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Residential plumbing issues can cause constant frustration. Leaky faucets or commodes that run up your water bill, slow drains that make doing the laundry or dishes a pain, or main line issues all make daily life difficult. At Plumbing 101 of DFW, we have almost twenty years of experience solving plumbing problems just like these and many more. Contact us today to request service or a quote!

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For 17 years, we’ve served the Dallas Fort Worth area by providing reliable and efficient plumbing services at affordable prices. While we can handle just about any residential plumbing issue, we specialize in water line repairs, sewer cleaning, and slab leaks.

How Do I Know If I Have a Water Line Leak?

While many tell-tale signs can belie water line problems, there are a few key symptoms to keep an eye out for. If you are finding puddles in your yard when it hasn’t rained, sudden and dramatic drops in water pressure, mysterious increases in your water bill, foundation cracks, or strange gurgling sounds, there’s a good chance that you have a water line leak. Get the team at Plumbing 101 of DFW to check your system and diagnose the issue!

Signs of Sewer Problems

Most of the time we don’t think about servicing our sewer lines until we have the unthinkable happen: a main line back up. However, some sure-fire signs can alert you to the presence of a deteriorating or broken sewer line and help you avoid a messy backup or other disasters. If you notice the odor of sewer gas, slow drainage, uncommonly green or lush patches of grass in your yard, dips in your lawn or under pavers, foundation cracks, or a pest/rodent problem, you may have a sewer line issue. Contact Plumbing 101 of DFW to put your mind at ease.

What Is A Slab Leak?

Homes that do not have a basement or crawlspace are often built on concrete pads called slabs. The slab provides base support for your home and provides a place for your water and waste lines to hide. A “slab leak” is an industry term used to describe a leak that develops in the water lines that run below this concrete foundation.

Slab leaks can happen on the pressure side or drainage side of your foundation causing significant damage if left unattended. The signs of a slab leak are similar to those of a water line leak, including sudden spikes in your water bill, moisture or mildew in carpets, standing water around the perimeter of your home, low pressure, cracked baseboards, and more. If you fear you have a slab leak, don’t wait: call Plumbing 101 of DFW today.

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